I have tried Mozy and Carbonite extensively and found both to be quite unreliable compared to Backblaze. They are all about the same price, but I have had no issues with the latter after about 8 months, and had several issues with the previous two within a 3 month period when I tried them out. » 12/21/10 3:11pm 12/21/10 3:11pm

Everyone seems to be missing the point of this video, it's showing that with the lens you have control over the depth of field, something shot without it would all be in focus. While infinity focus is OK, it doesn't allow for good shots to draw attention to something very well. » 7/17/10 4:57pm 7/17/10 4:57pm

I would say about 2/3 of my friends have iPhones. Of those who jailbreak, every single one of them have pirate software installed. Sure they have messed with customising things not possible in the vanilla OS, but it seems free software seems like an important thing for them. » 6/28/10 10:44am 6/28/10 10:44am

Wow that brings back memories, I used to live near the one in Kissimmee when my family lived in Florida. My dad bought me a C64 not long after visiting that place, but most of my friends had some Texas Instruments things, or Vic 20's, so I couldn't trade games with them :( » 5/25/10 4:18am 5/25/10 4:18am

I know Mozy gives you 2gb free, but it's not great if you cancel a backup in progress, and come back to it later. I bought a subscription after having success with the trial, and then ran into loads of problems. It said it had completed a 120gb backup, when it had only done about 15gb. Support suggested a few things,… » 12/25/09 11:33am 12/25/09 11:33am

Malware covers a whole host of things, not just harmful apps etc. Anti-malware apps also help protect you from phishing links and hazardous websites which may link to other spoof sites and so on, so regardless of your OS security, it can't protect you from your own stupidity if you fall foul of scams. » 12/03/08 9:23am 12/03/08 9:23am

@RabbitRun: I use TrueCrypt to fully encrypt my system anyway, so this is of no concern. It's very easy to do, although depending on the speed of your system and size of storage, it can take a while, but it does let you stop, and carry on the initial encryption process so you don't have to leave your system on for… » 11/04/08 6:00am 11/04/08 6:00am

The stand is simply an end cap for the dock connector end of the usb cable. You get another end with a clip to hold the cable in a coiled manner also. So with both on, you can carry the cable in your ag with no fear that the plugs get mashed. » 8/06/08 5:18am 8/06/08 5:18am